Our Building Process

Alterra Design Homes streamlines the building process by providing first class service from lot selection, custom home design, managing a budget, pick out selections, to coordinating your move into your custom home. We provide each client with their own unique project timeline so we can help coordinate pick outs and keep the project running smoothly.

Lot Selection As Licensed Real Estate Brokers, we can assist you in selecting the perfect lot for your custom home. We will walk each potential lot with you and will discuss the advantages and disadvantages relative to your building and goals and lifestyle.

Custom Home Design We will work with you and our design team by focusing on your housing goals, staying within your budget, efficiency, the latest building materials, design trends, and compatibility with your chosen lot.

Building Contract
Our building contract is designed to protect you, our client. Many building contracts are filled with allowances that can be frustrating for a client and allow the final home price to exceed a budget. With Alterra, your contract price is FIRM! Other than a few allowanced items (cabinets, countertops, flooring, appliances and light fixtures) that you control, any cost overruns are our problem, not yours. We also take the extra step to bid out your allowances based on your house plan and personal finish preferences. This straight forward approach creates generous allowances where our clients can reach the level of finishes that they want without going over budget.

Construction of Your Home
Alterra Design Homes will build your home in 150 days or less and we will personally be on site daily to meet with our subcontractors. We encourage an open dialog with our clients through weekly meetings and are always available via phone and email. Our out-of-town clients can follow their projects on our Facebook site or photo and video logs that we send them on a regular basis. We work with a very small group of select subcontractors to ensure that we provide you with great value and quality.

Home Warranty Our top of the line warranty will ensure the beauty of your home as well as long-term piece of mind. We will do a final walk-through upon completion of your home and another walk-through approximately 11 months after you have moved into your home to ensure there are no home warranty related issues that we should take care of for you.

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